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BIFF LA: 14th Annual Film Festival

Updated: May 19, 2023

The Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles (BIFFLA) aims to bring back focus and interest to the Broadway corridor of downtown Los Angeles, as part of the Bringing Back Broadway Initiative. BIFF will take place in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, and will feature an all inclusive agenda of film screenings, panels discussions, and a Gala Awards Dinner. BIFFLA accomplishes this goal by focusing on the importance and the historical significance of this area by bringing a major event in which artists, political and city leaders, businesses and the community unite. The purpose of the festival includes reaching all aspects of our community with the focus of placing Broadway as a cultural center of film diversity and a platform for the exposure of important topics that affect us all, with the opportunity for both emerging and established talent to showcase and publicize their material. ****October 22, 2021 Los Angeles, CA

We thank you for supporting Broadway International Film Festival 2020. Emilio Vega Executive Director Broadway International Film Festival

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