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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Friday February 7th, 2018 - 5:30PM

Synopsis: Ernesto, an alcohol fueled TV producer in search of love, meets Helen, an American neuroscientist, and falls hard. Soon he’s a subject of her research, experimenting with a relic of mid- 20th century science, a sensory-boosting isolation tank that induces altered states of consciousness. Helen believes in its recreational potential until tragedy strikes; Ernesto is found dead afloat the tank’s salt water solution.

Detective Ramos, an honest cop, is assigned to investigate the cause of death. Ramos watches as Ernesto’s body is pulled from the watery solution. Cause of death looks to be suicide.

Through twists and turns in the investigation Ramos navigates the facts behind a turbulent love between Ernesto and Helen, and the heady world of mood altering science in which it took place. Layers of information and misinformation must be peeled away to reveal the evidence that prompts Ramos to doubt suicide, and Helen's innocence.

The more Ramos believes Helen may be responsible for Ernesto's death, the more she fascinates him. As the showdown between them nears, Ramos begins to question whether he too, will succumb to the seduction of an alternative consciousness, and to Helen.

LOCATION CCCM - Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts at the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles

No recording devices will be permitted during the screening

PARKING Street parking or parking structures in surrounded areas.

Please give yourself enough time to arrive and park.


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