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Connecting Slashers "Actors Building Community"

Updated: May 12, 2023

Because finding your tribe will help you create more opportunities as a team, Actors Slash / Connecting Slashers and The Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts at the Mexican Consulate General in Los Angeles invite you to a free event with these awesome actors who have built a community that has led them to create amazing projects with fellow actors, such as shows, plays and short films.

* BLANCA ARACELI - Actress /Producer. Founder of Tierra Blanca

* EMANUEL LOARCA - Actor / Producer

Founder of Akabal Theater

* MARIO BARRA - Actor / Producer. Founder of Impromundeando

* OSCAR MOTA - Actor / Producer / Director. Founder of Proscenio 13

Screening her successful TED Talk

* HOST: VANGE TAPIA - Actress / VO Talent / Producer / Founder of Actors Slash & Connecting Slashers

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