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Día Nacional del Cine Mexicano

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

In order to recognize the cultural contribution of Mexican film production, we will be screening six short films from the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE).

A reception will be offered at six o'clock and the screening will begin at 6:30 pm. It will be followed by a panel discussion with Carlos Aguilar, Vange Tapia, Sergio Guerrero Garzafox, and Nelly Castañeda (bios below). The following shorts will be screened:

1. Cerulia 13”: Cerulia comes back home to bid her final farewell, but her childhood memories and grandparents presence would not let her go.

2. Hacia el Sur 13:17”: To the South, is the story about a reunion. A man and a teenager separated by the war yearn to be re-joined and forgive, once and for all, the violent past that once separated them.

3. Hambre 14”: This short film tells the last moments of life of a man who spent 57 years holding back hunger.

4. Poliangular 8.16”: Searchers pursue mysterious objects that seem to be unreachable. They want to find out what those secret forms are and what will happen once they catch them.

5. Que vivan los novios 13.38”: An old woman of defiant optimism prepares a birthday and deals with her husband, even rescues a wedding that is about to happen.

*Free event and open to the public.

*Only STREET PARKING available or parking at 611 S Carondelet St, Los Angeles, CA 90057 ($9 flat rate).

Carlos Aguilar

Originally from Mexico City, Carlos Aguilar was chosen as one of 6 young film critics to partake in the first Roger Ebert Fellowship organized by, the Sundance Institute and Indiewire in 2014. Aguilar’s work has appeared in prestigious publications such as Los Angeles Times, The Wrap, Indiewire, Vulture,, MovieMaker Magazine, Remezcla, Filmmaker Magazine, Variety Latino, Slate, Bustle, Americas Quarterly, among others. He is a member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA).

Originario de la Ciudad de México, Carlos Aguilar fue elegido como uno de los 6 jóvenes críticos de cine para participar en la primera Roger Ebert Fellowship organizada por, el Instituto Sundance e Indiewire en 2014. El trabajo de Aguilar ha aparecido en prestigiosas publicaciones como Los Angeles Times, The Wrap, Indiewire, Vulture,, MovieMaker Magazine, Remezcla, Filmmaker Magazine, Variety Latino, Slate, Bustle, Americas Quarterly, entre otros. Es miembro de la Asociación de Críticos de Cine de Los Ángeles (LAFCA).

Vange Tapia

Initiated her acting career in TV commercials during her mid-teens in Mexico City where she was born and raised. Vange’s famous phrase “No Inventes” characterized her as the classic Preppy/Valley Girl (“Fresa”), which gave her critical acclaim and introduced her to the film, TV, and VO industry in lead roles in both Mexico and the United States. She was booked as female lead for the suspense series “Hora Marcada” for national TV by Alfonso Cuarón and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. She founded the by-invitation-only “Actors Slash”, a group of international and local talent in Hollywood where members act, produce, direct, and/or write their own content. She has also served as producer in short films and plays.

Comenzó su carrera como actriz en comerciales de televisión durante su adolescencia en la Ciudad de México de donde es originaria. La famosa frase de Vange "No Inventes" la caracterizó como la clásica “Fresa” que le dio elogios de la crítica y la introdujo a la industria del cine, la televisión y el doblaje en papeles principales tanto en México como en Estados Unidos. Fue protagonista en la serie de suspenso “Hora Marcada” de televisión nacional dirigida por Alfonso Cuarón y el cinematógrafo Emmanuel Lubezki. Fundó el "Actors Slash" un grupo exclusivo de talento local e internacional en Hollywood donde los miembros actúan, producen, dirigen y/o escriben su propio contenido. También ha sido productora de cortometrajes y obras de teatro.

Sergio Guerrero Garzafox

A USC film school graduate and two-time Emmy Award® winner, Sergio Guerrero co-wrote the film A Day Without a Mexican, an international box office success. He created, produced, and directed Dos Lunas and has also directed and produced over 500 commercials for clients such as Corona beer, Nissan, and global brands. He produced the hit series EL Vato for NBC Universo and wrote and directed the feature film Intolerance No More about police brutality in the US.

Egresado de la escuela de cine de USC y dos veces ganador del Premio Emmy®, Sergio Guerrero co-escribió la película Un Día sin Mexicanos, un éxito de taquilla internacional. Creó, produjo y dirigió Dos Lunas y también ha dirigido y producido más de 500 comerciales para clientes como Cerveza Corona, Nissan y otras marcas con presencia global. Produjo la exitosa serie El Vato para NBC Universo y escribió y dirigió el largometraje Intolerance No More sobre la brutalidad policial en Estados Unidos.

Nelly Castañeda

Originally from Mexico City, Nelly Castañeda has 20 years of experience in the field of entertainment. She began her career in Los Angeles in the field of music with Monitor Latino Convention and went on to work with LALIFF film festival. She has been a producer in music videos and massive events for NBC/Telemundo, MTV 63, Estrella TV, and Canal 22. For 20 years she’s headed the company Nexmale Entertainment, dedicated to the production of entertainment for Latin culture. She also heads the production company Baja Films Entertainment, which provides production services in Mexico, the United States, and other countries. She is the founder and director of "Baja California International Film Festival" and an avid promoter of art and culture, as well as of emerging filmmakers.

Originaria de la Ciudad de México, cuenta con 20 años de experiencia en el medio del entretenimiento. Inició su carrera en Los Ángeles en el ramo de la música con Monitor Latino Convention y posteriormente en el festival de cine LALIFF. Ha sido productora en videos musicales y eventos masivos para NBC/Telemundo, MTV 63, Estrella TV y Canal 22. Desde hace 20 años tiene una compañía llamada Nexmale Entertainment dedicada a la producción del entretenimiento para la cultura latina. También cuenta con la casa productora Baja Films Entertainment, la cual provee servicios de producción en México, Estados Unidos y otros países. Es fundadora y directora de “Baja California International Film Festival” y promotora del arte y la cultura, así como impulsora de cineastas emergentes.

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