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Fandango at the wall

A night about film and music.

Fandango on the wall is an ongoing production that narrates the musical connection of the US-Mexico border.

In this event we will share the teaser for the film, and a clip or two from their work-in-progress, have a live music performance, invite a conversation with the documentary's director, Varda Bar-Kar.

The founder of Fandango Fronterizo, Jorge Francisco Castillo will be attending the event. He will be able to perform some son jarocho sons, speak about the Fandango Fronterizo as well as his experience with the making of the documentary. Jorge and his festival are featured in the film.

Arturo O'Farrill, founder and conductor of the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra will be attending as well. He and his orchestra are also featured in the film.

Here's more on the Fandango at the Wall project:

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