Lilly Agar Exposición New Perspective

Updated: Mar 11

El CCCM busca contribuir a evitar la propagación del COVID-19, por lo que este evento se pospondrá hasta próximo aviso. Mucho se agradece su comprensión.

CCCM is joining the efforts to avoid spreading COVID-19, therefore this event will be postponed until further notice. We do appreciate your understanding.

I’m honored and proud to share that on March 17th of this year, I will be showcasing “New Perspective”. If you happen to be in DT LA in March, come by to check out my paintings and some of the photos I took over the past months while working on the project! They will be showcased from the 18th to the 31st.

As we get closer I will share more details. So far I can only share my infinite gratitude to the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles for connecting me to my muses and guide me.

I had a dream.

So, I made it happen.

For a long time I was looking for a story to tell, so I decided to work with something I knew. I decided to defy comfort zones, traditions, and stigmas. I decided to use my art to bring social awareness towards domestic violence in a positive way. Focusing on the present and future, but not the past, and understanding that an experience DOES NOT define you. Some people even ignore that men also experience domestic violence, but why? Maybe because it’s awkward to talk about it without being judged.

I was looking to change people’s perspectives on how they perceive domestic violence, and this topic is more engrained and naturalized than what people might think. I grew up with it, and I experienced it. Twice.

During the past several months, I’ve spent time with these 9 amazing women. Laughing, eating, crying and healing. It’s been a powerful experience to learn from them and see the pattern of this issue more clearly than ever before.

Sometimes, people think it’s easy to jump out of a toxic relationship. It’s not. No one knows how hard it is to even speak out loud when you are living it.

-Lilly Agar