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Literature session 35x35 Curated by Marty Preciado

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Time & Location

Nov 06, 7:00 PMCCCM, 2401 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA


About The Event

Dual Vision refers to Du Bois' concept of double consciousness, the internal conflict

experienced by subordinated groups in an oppressive society. In this case, the double

consciousness is exemplified in the contention between opposing identity:  Mexican and


Literature profile

Along Du Bois’ concept, the literature annex will showcase the space between here and there,

exploring third spaces of identity through words. In order to widen access to writing, literature

annex will challenge structure notions of literature, hence showcasing writing in various forms

from digital social media entries to song lyrics, poems and traditional published pieces. How do

words become literature and how do words become part of the contention between opposing (or

embracing) Mexican and American.

Readings by:

  • Samanta Helou

  • San Cha

  • Gabriela Herstik

  • Alexia Veytia Rubio

  • Eugenia Nicole

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