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One Man´s Hero

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Thursday March 22, 2018

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM PDT


CCCM Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts

2401 West 6th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90057

As part of the Cultural Week Mexico-Ireland, The CCCM is proud to present "One Man's Hero" is a 1999 historical war drama film directed by Lance Hool and starring Tom Berenger, Joaquim de Almeida and Daniela Romo.

"One Man's Hero" tells the little-known story of the "St. Patrick's Battalion" or "San Patricios," a group of mostly Irish, and other immigrants of the Catholic religion, who deserted to Mexico after encountering religious and ethnic prejudice in the U.S. Army during the Mexican-American War. The plot centers around the personal story of John Riley, an Irishman who had been a Sergeant in the American Army, who is commissioned as a Captain in the Mexican Army, and commands the battalion, as he leads his men in battle, and struggles with authorities on both sides of the border.

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