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Conversación proyecto Bajo la Sombra de Carmina Escobar y Jerónimo García Naranjo

Updated: May 23, 2023

Carmina Escobar (Mexico City, 1981) is an extreme vocalist, improviser, sound and intermedia artist from Mexico City currently based in LA. Escobar investigates and expresses emotions, politics, states of alienation, and the possibilities of interpersonal connection through voice performances, installations, and video pieces that seeks to challenge our understandings of musicality, gender, queerness, race, the spoken word, and the foundations of human communication. She has presented her work in Mexico, Cuba, Europe, USA, and Canada in festivals and venues such as PST:LA/LA, Fabrica de Arte (HVN), CTM Festival, RedCat, The Broad, The Kitchen, among many others. Escobar has been an artist in residence in Montalvo, STEIM, Binaural, OMI, Electroacoustic Music Studio in Krakow, Fonoteca NacionalMX, Indexical, The MacDowell Residency, and BEMIS (Fall2021). Carmina has received three Endowment Of The Arts in Mexico, the USArtist International Award with the project Estamos Ensemble, Master Scholarship of NALAC, the 2020 FCA Artist award in Music/Sound, and the NPN 2020 Creation Fund Artists with the project SHAMANA DE CABARET. She is co-founder of LIMINAR ensemble; HowlSpace radical/experimental pedagogical voicehub, and BOSS WITCH, an artistic production company focused on the interconnection of experimental scenic works, sound/video art, interdisciplinary/intermedia works within natural landscapes.

Jerónimo García Naranjo is a composer, inventor of instruments, sound installation artist, improviser, and performer. He began his piano studies at the age of 9 at the UNAM Faculty of Music, where he later studied with various teachers in the area of composition, among them: Ulises Ramírez, Horacio Uribe and Julio Estrada. His repertoire includes chamber music, electroacoustics, music for dance, film and theater. His installation work includes the creation of the Huey Mecatl: a monumental instrument with long strings, which uses 10 ship containers as resonators, presenting his composition at various festivals: FTC Chile (2008), Festival de México (2010) and at Aarhus Festuge Denmark ( 2013).

In 2014 he founded Bucareli 69 Casa de Artes, a place dedicated to teaching, research, and promotion of traditional and contemporary arts, which remains active with more than 450 events scheduled as of today, including exhibitions, concerts and festivals. Bucareli 69 is as well the workshop space in which Jerónimo maintains his research and the production of his works, and instruments as was the case with Koto Oki, exhibited in Bucareli 69 (2016) and in Ex Teresa Arte Actual (2019), El Piano Suspendido with his piece La Cantata Suspendida en Bucareli. 69 (2017) and with Carmina Escobar with the show Pura Entraña at The RedCat Theater LA USA (2018). As well as the last piece of his the Piano Kinesis in Bucareli69 (2020).

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