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Presentación libro de poemas Conquista Incompleta de Francisco Balseca. Proyección "Los Jugadores"

Updated: May 19, 2023

Francisco Alejandro Balseca Vivanco

Written by Kathryn Ross Though current junior Francisco Alejandro Balseca Vivanco doesn’t graduate until 2021, he already has big, bold plans in the works for his future. Majoring in both marketing and Spanish, Francisco is already setting his calling in motion. “Before APU, I knew I wanted to study marketing,” says Francisco. “I am now a junior and still have that mentality. Every time I walk into any marketing class, I say to myself, ‘I belong here.”After his first semester at APU, declaring a double major and pursuing a degree in Spanish became part of the plan as well. “I added a Spanish major my second semester here. At first, I just saw it as a good resume builder, but then I realized I have a very strong interest in Latin American literature.” Francisco’s passion for the Spanish language and literature stems from having lived in Mexico for part of his life. He’s found that his love for Mexico has grown exponentially the more he reads and studies about his home. “I started reading about criticism towards the corruption in the [Mexican] government,” he says. “About the needs of the people of Mexico and Latin America.” His research led him to tap into his creative side, inspiring him to write his own poems about his homeland. “To this day I have written seven. I plan on writing more and making a book of a collection of these poems. The topics they talk about are patriotism, criticism towards the corrupt church, and our own beautiful indigenous background--all of these with allusion to scripture and my own input about certain topics.” On the marketing side of his passion, Francisco looks forward to continue working with his family’s business in label design. “I love the idea of creating a story behind a product and connecting with people through something as simple as a soda bottle.” With a degree in marketing, he also looks forward to helping the business with decision making, partnerships with investors, and more: “I would love to see our products in every Hispanic and non-Hispanic grocery store in the U.S.” he adds. Additionally, Francisco is pursuing a larger dream for the long run: creating a “mini APU” for students k-12 in Mexico. “I’m only 21,” says Francisco. “I have no idea how to run a school. But if God put it in my heart, He will continue the great work He once began. My country is in desperate need for the Gospel and liberation from Bible illiteracy. I believe God has brought me to this university for a greater purpose - to copy the APU model, and make one in Mexico.” With APU as the foundation, Francisco plans for his school to have a patriotic spirit that invests in Mexico. Of course, the school will also be Bible focused because, Francisco continues, “without God we cannot accomplish anything.” Though the creation of his school may be a ways off, Francisco is already putting his love for Mexico and youth into practice. In 2014, while he was still in high school, he felt called to preach to his peers in a fun and unique way. Since then, he created a Youtube ministry called “Mountain Shredders” for teens. He also developed a guide on how to start reading the Bible for youth who may be new to the faith or those who just need a push towards picking up the Word more intentionally. As for his time at APU, Francisco has been loving every moment of it. From joining the Men’s Chorale, to the beautiful campus, to all the amazing professors and friends he’s met the last few years, Francisco urges current and incoming students to get involved and to not take for granted what it means to study at APU.

Posted: January 14, 2019

Trailer: Los Jugadores

En los valles de Oaxaca en México, los pobladores mantienen vivo un juego cuyas raíces se extienden profundamente en su pasado ancestral.

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