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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Thursday Sept 13,2018

6:00 - 8:30 PM

*Screening starts promptly at 6:30 PM

Tati Fest

As part our of mission, the Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts´ focus is to offer a space so that filmmakers and artists have a place to show their work. Tati fest will showcaseby 6 short films directed, produced or acted by Mexicans or Mexican - Americans.

1 -Virgencita Comedy Dir Giselle Bonilla

Josefina Hernandez is accused of being suicidal after a failed attempt to masturbate.

2 - Little Mermaid (Fan made)


Dir. Alex Pla

Live action trailer inspired on the Disney classic the Little Mermaid.

3 - Partners

Improv Comedy

Dir. Austin Saya Schmitt, a troubled Veteran LA homicide detective, likes to work alone. But when Chief Green challenges him to find and keep a partner he has no choice but to wrangle his personal demons and try to open up.

4 - Queremos Pastel


Dir Tanya Gonzalez A chubby woman dates a man who shows her the dark side of chubby chasing

5 - Cycles Fiction

Dir Leatrice Ching

Without a formal script or planned production, this film was pieced together from old personal home videos and photos into a narrative led by a fictional young girl reminiscing about her past. This is a digital take on the act of "flipping" through a photo album; It flips back and forth between pages, creating a narrative that does not abide by traditional conventions of time and chronology.

6- I see Red


Dir Leatrice Ching

A modern-day war science fiction focusing not on the outside world itself but the individuals affected by it.

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