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Primer registro de mujeres artistas visuales

mexicanas, mexico-americanas y chicanas en Los Ángeles


First registry of Mexican, Mexican-American and

Chicana Visual Artists in Los Angeles

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Angelica Banales’ work amplifies energy fields experienced while immersing the viewer in color and space. Full-scale abstract murals, stage lighting, raw unrolled canvases, and small fragmented studies are a few examples of how the artist plays with the viewer’s relationship with spectral color, painting, and abstraction. 

A large part of her art involves looking at the world from a new lens and thinking of people, objects and ideas as energy manifested in different forms via highly pigmented studies of luminescent color. 

Angelica incorporates a multitude of colors and uses brushstrokes to symbolize movement and different stages of growth. The combination of a variety of vibrant pigments, broad strokes, and high contrast are meant to evoke emotions and a connection to a universal energetic lifeforce. The art inhibits viewers to become fully immersed in the artwork, one without borders or associations.


Angelica Show-7 - Angelica Banales.jpg
Angelica Show-15 - Angelica Banales.jpg
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