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Primer registro de mujeres artistas visuales

mexicanas, mexico-americanas y chicanas en Los Ángeles


First registry of Mexican, Mexican-American and

Chicana Visual Artists in Los Angeles

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Lilia Ramirez p.k.a Liliflor is an artist,muralist,cultural art educator, using art as a tool for healing and transformation. Liliflor uses her own spiritual practice, indigenous knowledge passed on by elders to bridge engagement with the creative arts and well being outcomes. She’s an “artivist hybrid visionary” that has been at the forefront serving the community as an “artivist”since 1994. She was the co-founder of the Peace and Justice Center (PJC) in 1995, an innovative youth run center in Los Angeles. In 1997 co-founder Mujeres de Maiz an International Women of Color Artist Collective & Zine, she served at various capacities in the organization such as curator,organizer, and Director of Annual Exhibitions.  A decade later she received her B.A from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultural Studies. Liliflor opened her first gallery First Street Studios in 2006. Currently she has her art studio, housed at Kalli Luna Gallery Art and Cultural Space.

Liliflor’s strength lies in her bold approach in integrating Nahuatl cosmology aesthetics in her work. She brings knowledge of her indigenous roots to bear fruit in her art and art healing workshops.  Her workshops weave various subjects such as spiritual, urban environments, women, children, indigenous cosmology and culture.   Aesthetically Liliflor’s work reproduces familiar visual symbols and iconography, which enables her to create a composition of multilayered visuals for storytelling, documentation, and healing. She has developed unique Art and Self Healing Workshops and taught them at various organizations, schools and universities.


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