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Winning Monologues

Monologue chosen by the public audience.

"My grandma once told me"

Alec Whaite

First place chosen by judges

Eva Griseida García Luna

Second place chosen by judges

"Identity and culture"

Brianah Reese

Third place chosen by judges

"I am"

Josué Emmanuel Muñoz

All Participating Monologues

"Stiff Expectations"

Meredith Johnson

"Because we gotta eat"

José Lalo García Jr

"No hay sueños pequeños"

Wendy González

"Lost and found"

Mario Corona

"All my relations"

Cecilia Memor

"Death of a monologue, a search for identity"

Miguel Chacón

"Te amo mi Nona"

Dahiana Bilbao

Paola Vargas

"Si pa' morir nacemos"

Mick García

"Los ciclos"

"El poder"

Carlos Cárdenas

"Sticky death"

"La bruja del barrio"

Elena Rojas

"To be or not to be"

Michael Ortega

"Sierra madre"

Alejandra Camacho

Patrick Plugge

"Ama tu sangre"

Charlie Orozco

"La casa de los abuelos"

Ana Alonso

"On being an American"

David Rodríguez

"Prodigal son"

Brandon Lill

"Fake news from the village"

Collins Wewa

"Somos México"

Roberto Carrillo

"One pissed off old mexican"

Cianna Hill

"Cambio cultural"

Patricio Pilco

"Identidad y cultura"

Ana Karime Bichsel

Andrea Ramírez Martínez

"Intentional memories and Coquito"

"We need a change"

Zoe Blake

"My father is essential"

Israel López


"I am chicana"

Sofía Palacios


Alena Lakha


Chris Markle

"Gertrudis magic woman"

​Néstor Sierra

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