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The Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles through its Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts, is pleased to bring together visual artists 35 and under in the County of Los Angeles (greater Los Angeles area) to the annual 35 x 35 Exhibition.


The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a platform to present the work of emerging visual artists residing in the Los Angeles area, while also providing opportunities for creators to meet and interact with other young art professionals.


This year the central theme will be “the border”, so we invite young artists to reflect the meaning of the border in their life experiences, the impact it has, as well as their perception of the concept of the border.


The Mexican Center for Cultural and Cinematic Arts at the Mexican Consulate General in Los Angeles is a space that promotes Mexican identity through art and culture. It is a place of meeting for emerging and established artists of all nationalities, seeking support for creators, artists and filmmakers. 35 pieces will be selected and be exhibited at CCCM.


Dan McCleary is an American artist, and founder and executive director of Art Division, a nonprofit organization offering professional arts training and academic and career support to young adults in the underserved MacArthur Park community in Los Angeles.

Luis Serrano is an Los Angeles-based artist that has been drawing and painting for the last forty years. Born in Ecuador, he received his bachelors of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degree from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. He has taught painting and drawing at Los Angeles Community Colleges, Landscape drawing at UCLA Extension, and in the Graduate Painting program at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California. He is currently the Director of Fine Arts at Art Division.


Dan Mcleary y Luis Serrano will select the best 35 pieces of art submitted by participants to make up the 35 x 35 exhibition of 2024, which will be presented at the Consulate General of Mexico.


Prizes will be awarded to the first three places.

1st Place will receive $150 dlls. 

2nd Place TBD

3rd Place TBD

The selection of the work will be based on technical merit, aesthetic quality, creativity and ability to interpret the concept of the call. All decisions will be final, and the curator reserves the right to disqualify any work that is not presented in the format that is correct.


Deadline to submit art: December 31st, 2023


Notification sent to artist on art selection: January 31st, 2024


Date of delivery of the work by the artist: February 23rd, 2024


Grand opening: March 14th, 2024

There is no entry or participation fee.  

Questions or more information email us at: and/or

Exhibition location:

Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles 

Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts

2401 W 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90057

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