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Primer registro de mujeres artistas visuales

mexicanas, mexico-americanas y chicanas en Los Ángeles


First registry of Mexican, Mexican-American and

Chicana Visual Artists in Los Angeles

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Emilia Cruz is a first generation Mexican American artist born in San Diego, Ca, 1993; currently residing in Simi Valley, Ca.

Cruz attended Art Center College of Design. She teaches art classes for kids at Plaza de la Raza’s Cultural Center for the Arts and Education, located in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA. She has been commissioned by CNN en Español for Proyecto Ser Humano (Humanity Project), a Netflix series called Gente-fied, and was asked to design a mural for Netflix Selena: The Series.


Her latest work featured in "Futuro Pasado", a two-person exhibition with Rick Ortega at the historic Boathouse Gallery at Plaza de la Raza has received an outstanding critical response.


“My work exemplifies the importance of representation, specifically as a woman of color. I am exploring different ways in which I can depict vulnerability, self-healing, and empowerment.”


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