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Actors Slash

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Thursday, November 14th, 2019 - 5:30PM

You're invited to a free screening with 6 amazing fellow Actors Slash

5:30PM: Enjoy typical appetizers/dishes from Mexico, USA, Italy, France & Switzerland hosted by our speaker/filmmakers.

6PM: Screenings

7:15PM. Q&A with Actors Slashers

Join us for a free event at the CCCM for a night of Award winning short films produced, written or directed and starring International Talented Actors who create their own opportunities by producing content with fellow creatives in the entertainment industry.

Moderated by Vange Tapia] (Actress / Producer and founder of Actors Slash])

Screenings in alphabetical order: (Order might change):

- DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL (Rogelio Camarillo - USA / Mexico)

- FRENCHIE IN AMERICA (Sofiane Madi - France / USA) - IN THE GREY ROOM (Paula Callari - Italy / USA) - MISMATCH MADE IN HEAVEN (Pablo Azar - Mexico / USA) - THE ONLY FLIGHT (Simon Morton - Switzerland / USA) - THE TALK (JJ Obee - USA)


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