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LANA'S RAIN, Consular Movie Club

Updated: Oct 15, 2019


Doors will open at 6:30 PM

Screening starts promptly at 7:00PM


Oskana Orlenko as Lana

Nickolai Stoilov as Darko

Stephanie Childers as Katrina

David Darlow as Gen. Donoffrio

Yasen Peyankov as Cab Driver


cted and written by

Michael S. Ojeda

107 minutes

"Lana's Rain" tells the dark, hard-edged story of a brother and sister who escape from the war-torn Balkans, conceal themselves in a shipping container to travel to America, and try to survive on Chicago streets that have never seemed meaner. The picture is even bleaker than that: The brother is a war criminal who forces his sister into prostitution, and by the end of the film he's a low-life Scarface, with a stable of hookers, a big cigar, and a bottle and gun under his coat.

The story is seen through the eyes of the sister, Lana (Oskana Orlenko), who grew up apart from her brother and meets him again after many years on the eve of his escape from the Balkans. In a grisly prelude, the brother is having facial reconstruction to disguise himself, and is interrupted in the middle of the surgery; he wears an eyepatch through the movie, while his enemies and Interpol search for him.

Also we will screen the short film

Audition (2017)




AUDITION is a short film about the punishment and the rewards of being an actress in Hollywood from a mother's point of view.

An immigrant actress in Hollywood struggles to tackle a situation of going to another doomed audition and inability to find a sitter for her child, meeting with lack of appreciation for art as a profession, mom's duties as a full-time unpaid job and the mocking attitude of a casting director.

This program is presented by the Consular Movie Club honoring the ties between Bulgaria and México.

The Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles is honored to invite all interested Consulates residing in Los Angeles to become part of our new cinematographic project “Ciclo de Cine Consular” (Consular Film Series), where we aim to promote international cinema to yours and our local communities. This program is an opportunity to strengthen ties between our communities and to build communication bridges among diverse nations, as well as to manifest each unique expression of art through cinema.

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