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Mixed Feelings

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Mixed Feelings Film Showcase

Nov. 8th 2018 de 18:00 a 20:3

2401 West 6th Street, Los Ángeles 90057

As part of our mission at ta CCCM, we collaborate with new filmmakers in LA, therefore, we're happy to invite you to Mixed Fellings, a film showcase comedy, drama, music, fiction, drama and experimental cinema!

Films: "Dating And Shit"Director: Ines Milan & Elvira TrögerProducción Ejecutiva y música original: Sergio Torres-LetelierTRT: 13:50 mins“Bubble"Director: Vicente ManzanoProducers: Vicente Manzano & Alfonso TorresTRT: 15 mins"LARP, A love story"Director: Summer BarberMusic: Sergio Torres-letelierPost-Sound, mix, dub, Foley, sound design Fernando GutierrezTRT: 10:30 mins


This project is about cultural and musical pluralism, where different artists, producers, composers and musicians from around the world collaborate under an electronic music f

ormat, without having to sacrifice their own particular identities. Instrumental wise it’s the opposite of an “unplugged”. 6:00pm Reception6:30 pm Screening WE'LL HOST A Q&A AFTER THE SCREENING

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