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Updated: Oct 15, 2019


  • Chinese 4 11/10/2018, 3:45 p.m.

  • Chinese 3 11/15/2018, 2:15 p.m Director: Lila Avilés Screenwriter: Lila Avilés, Juan Carlos Marquéz Producer: Romy Tatiana Graullera, Lila Avilés Executive Producer: Jana Díaz Juhl, Pau Brunet, Axel Shalson Director of Photography: Carlos Rossini Editor: Omar Guzmán Production Designer: Vika Fleitas Music: no music Cast: Gabriela Cartol, Teresa Sánchez

Mexico, 2018 102 min. Feature New Auteurs Section

Short Synopsis: Lila Avilés’ feature debut follows Eve, a young housekeeping maid in a luxurious Mexico City hotel, as she struggles with long hours and monotonous work. THE CHAMBERMAID is the touching story of her struggles to rise above her current role and find a better life, and of her journey of self-discovery along the way. ----- Long Synopsis: Lila Avilés’ intimate debut presents a strong, new voice within the wave of contemporary Mexican cinema. In THE CHAMBERMAID, Eve is a young housekeeping maid in a luxurious Mexico City hotel who struggles with the daily grind of her monotonous work. Determined to make the best of things, she enrolls in an adult education program and befriends her co-workers. Avilés shares a humanistic portrait of Mexico’s labor class in THE CHAMBERMAID, a touching story of Eve’s ambitions for a better life and her journey of self-discovery along the way. – Sarah Harris ----- Web Site Film Guide Link: -----

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